I am a client of the talented hairdresser Galina for about 10 years. Go check it out to understand the ambiance that a hair salon can truly provide. Her professional attitude towards her clients is special and mesmerizing. She is kind and endlessly cheerful. Her talent to work with hair is also unique. I’m quite picky when it comes down to hair, specifically because of the type of hair I have (thick, coloured many times, etc.). Only Galina can successfully perfect what I want my hair to look like when I leave the salon. My hair is alive and shiny, despite its blonde colour.
Ultimately, I highly recommend that place.
Mira S., Vancouver, BC
I have ‘mixed texture hair’. It is difficult for me to get a good cut. Since I’ve started going here, my hair shows its intrinsic wave in an attractive manner. Galina knows how to deal with my hair. Very very few others can do this. Thanks!
I have been going for lash extensions for almost 3 years and Todorr is an artist! It is comfortable and he always does a great job. I get compliments on my lashes constantly.
I then changed hairstylists to go with Galina. I love what she has done and I adore her! I would highly recommend both of them.
I will always be a customer of theirs.
It’s been 2 weeks and 3 days since I got my lashes done at Gala, and I’m still getting compliments on them! Some have fallen out, but the majority are stuck on, and not hanging in wonky directions either. The only problem is deciding what to tell ppl when they approach me with “excuse me, but your lashes are amazing!” 😉
Todor is simply the best at eyelashes. I’ve been to four different places in the last two years – and anytime I haven’t gone to Todor I’ve regretted it.

He is simply the most gentle at applying them and they last sometimes 2 or more weeks longer than any other lash applications I’ve had. He makes you so comfortable that is it easy to fall asleep – which is something that’s pretty hard to do when your eyes are constantly being touched.

I will only ever go to Todor from now on. He may charge more than it cost you to go get a groupon elsewhere – but the results speak for themselves – he is the best of the best. I will happily pay regular price for a job well done.

I love coming to Gala Hair Studio for my hair, nails and eyebrows because I always look amazing after! Even if I don’t know exactly what I want, Gala and Toshko find the perfect look for me. The salon has a fun yet relaxing environment and the quality is unparalleled. I recommend Gala Hair Studio for anyone looking for a real salon experience.
Elena G., Richmond, BC
I first discovered lash extensions when I lived in New York and was excited that when I moved home to Vancouver lash places had cropped up everywhere and I would be able to get them here. I tried a couple of the franchise lash places but it seemed like the quality was all over the map, they wouldn’t last long, or there would be clumps and were more expensive than I was used to so I gave up for a while. Then someone recommended Gala to me and I am soooo thankful. Todor does an amazing job and is so meticulous and takes a lot of pride in his work. The lashes just seem to stay on way longer and keep their shape really well. Ive been going for probably a year and have yet to be disappointed. Highly recommend!
Tamara G., New York, USA
I’ve been getting my eyelashes done at Gala Hair Studio for over six months and it’s amazing. I’ve gone to all the other places on the North Shore and, hands down, Gala is the best. They stay on the longest and Todor (the fellow who does them) spends as much time as he needs to get them done, no rushing. Also, he adds a lot of lashes, much more than other places. He can do any amount too – I love dramatic so he usually adds like 80 – 100 lashes. All in all, I would 100% recommend Todor at Gala. He is amazing.
Samantha C., North Vancouver, BC
This is a great place to get any spa services done. It is a clean, professional loft like studio but feels comfortable like being invited into someone’s home. I went to Gala Hair Studio on a website deal to get my eyelash extensions done up for the first time for a wedding. It is a husband and wife team, so hours of operation in booking an appointment was limited, but I was so glad to have waited. Todor is the husband who did my eyelash extension. He is such an artist and professional in this field, super meticulous. Prior to competing the eyelashes, we discussed where I was going, and what look I was looking for. He really personalizes the experience unlike (from what I heard) the standard lash bars. It was so comfortable I actually fell asleep while he was extending the eyelashes and the results of his work was evident. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. I’m going into my 4th week and they still look mint thanks to his post eyelash care instructions and the brush he gave me to maintain them! His wife Galina was so hospitable making coffee and seeing if my friend who was waiting needed anything.

I would recommend this place and will definitely come back to try out the other spa services!!! Well worth the time, wait, and money.

Karmen M., Toronto, ON
Gala Hair Studio is the best!
Friendly atmosphere, boutique service and amazing professionalism!

A month ago I was offered Goldwell’s Kerasilk Keratin Treatment, which is the first customisable long-lasting smoothing service for hair like silk for up to 5 months.

The service began with a consultation to discuss my hair concerns, my hair type and how I like to style my hair. Gala explained that the Kerasilk Keratin Treatment is bespoke and could be customised to my specific needs. My hair is naturally curly, and also unruly and frizzy, especially when its rainy, which is quite often in Vancouver 🙂

We decided that the end result should be more manageable and easy to style in a short period of time.

After the treatment my hair felt glossy, smooth and frizz-free and felt much healthier and thicker but the real test of course was when I washed it for the first time. I washed my hair using the Goldwell Kerasilk shampoo and conditioner, given to me after the treatment. I used no styling products and only roughly blow-dried my hair without a brush. I was amazed yet again of the results: smooth, glossy, thicker, no frizz and with the minimum of effort!

Now there have been 2 month after the treatment and my hair is still silky and I am still bombarded with compliments. I am using the shampoo and the conditioner regularly, which I think helps to maintain the treatment even in the harsh wintery wet days.

I am excited that my hair now needs minimum effort for the next 5 months! It is a perfect solution for people like me that find curly, frizz hair time-consuming.

It reduced my daily styling time significantly!

I can see this treatment becoming addictive!

I would 100% recommend this treatment!

Vania Z., Burnaby, BC
I have been going to Gala Hair studio for the last 10 years and I have been always extremely pleased with the way how Galina does my hair. The cut, the colour, the highlights – all done with the touch of a Pro. As a Business Professional, it’s important for me to maintain certain image. After a hair-do with Galina, I always get compliments about my hair. I have referred several of my friends and they all became regulars to the salon and Galina’s fans. She is a hair magician. The atmosphere is very pleasant and relaxing! If you visit Gala hair studio- you will become fan too! Thank you Galina for your magic touch!
Vanessa D.
Vanessa D., West Vancouver, BC
Boutique service in a boutique salon! 🙂
Vessie C., West Vancouver, BC
Last summer, as a special treat to myself, I went to Gala Hair Studio to have eyelash extensions. I was coming up on a high school reunion and wanted to look my best. From the moment I stepped into the salon, I knew this was a special place and that I would be treated like a princess. The lovely decor contributes to the overall tranquil, lounge vibe of the place.
I was a little nervous about letting anyone get to close to my eyes, but Todor had a very light and steady touch. I have very few and fine eyelashes to build on so I know it was a challenge, but Todor gave me a beautiful set of long, luxurious eyelashes that still looked unbelievably natural. When I showed up at my special event, I received a lot of compliments about my eyes and how youthful I looked. I can honestly say this was a great experience. I would highly recommend Gala Hair Studio to anyone looking for eyelash extensions.
Julia K., Duncan, BC
I got my eyelash extensions done about a month ago and I was very impressed. Todor is a very talented artist and his work speaks for itself. I went back to get my re-lash done where I still had more than 50% of my eyelash extensions after a whole month! I have had barely any fall outs during that month which was due to the natural eyelash fallout only. It was a truly magestik experience, the atmosphere was wonderful. The salon itself a beauty! I am beyond happy! I highly recommend you try and see for yourself. Hats off to Todor! Thank you for making me feel absolutely fabulous!
Todor is an eyelash magician! Years of experience and wayyyyyyy better than the salons that have popped up since he started! Don’t waste your money elsewhere! Go to the experienced professional!
Tasha Leuvekamp, North Vancouver, BC
I’ve been going to Todor for eyelash extensions for a couple of years, I’m so glad I stumbled upon Gala Hair Studio. Todor is very meticulous and professional. The salon is so welcoming and warm. I highly recommend any services offered at this lovely salon.
It’s always a pleasure to be there.
It feels like visiting good friends, who are so glad to see you again.
Galina is very creative and has an artistic sense.
She enjoys making you beautiful as much as you enjoy the results of her work. If you live close by and looking for a new stylist this is the place.
Ala V., North Vancouver, BC

I am a first time eyelash client with an expired living social coupon. I was greeted warmly, treated graciously and handled professionally.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. My consultant Yana explained the process to me and conferred with the expert owner Todor as to what eyelashes would suit me best. It is a collaborative process because the goal is a happy, satisfied client. Todor takes the time to look at your face shape and features to determine what eyelashes would give maximum impact. The atmoshere is classy and inviting and so relaxing. I actually fell asleep during my process. Right now my eyelashes look truly amazing and I can’t wait to see how long they last. Will post again with an update.

I’ve been getting my lashes done by Todor for over a year now. He’s excellent and takes his time.  I highly recommend him and can’t wait for him to come back from vacation so I can get my lashes back!  I won’t go anywhere else! Thanks Todor!

This is my third time going in for lash extensions and they are phenomenal.  The staff is friendly, attentive and meticulous.  They have a loyal customer in me since I will keep on returning.  I don’t even bother putting make up on anymore.  A little lipstick and I’m all set since my eyes just pop.  Thank you so much for the amazing work you do.

Annie R., Surrey, BC

My hair has always been tricky to work with because of the texture, and I felt like I would never find a hairdresser that could make me feel happy about my haircut. One of my friends referred me to Galina, and I was so impressed with her hair-cutting techniques, her amazing esthetic taste and, of course, her warm and  friendly attitude.  I’ve been Galina’s client for about 10 years now and have had my hair cut, coloured, and styled by Galina, and I leave the salon feeling confident and excited with my new hairstyle. Galina is pleasant, knowledgeable, professional, and a real Artist with integrity. She knows exactly what works for your face shape and helps to ensure that everyone is feeling their best when it comes to  hair.  I would highly recommend Galina to anyone, who wants to walk out of a hair salon feeling confident and happy!

Galina is an amazing hairdresser! I’ve been her client for a few years, and feel happy every time I come to her cozy and friendly hair salon. Galina is warm and friendly, and what she does with my hair is absolutely amazing, she is a born hair-style Designer. She uses great brand-name products, due to which my hair is shiny and look absolutely amazing. Everyone in this place is happy and very friendly. I love going there – a great place for hair cuts, hair colouring and hair styling, always an excellent service and positive experience!

I went to Gala hair based on the many reviews that were posted for a smoothing treatment that Galina uses from Germany. I have very coarse, wavy, thick and unmanageable hair. I am so happy that I switched salons and went to Gala. The owners are so warm, friendly, and welcoming. They are true professionals in what they do and the salon is so relaxing and peaceful…….and my hair has never been so amazing. After a couple of cuts, smoothing treatment and a colour I am a customer forever! Thank you Galina!

Christine O., Vancouver, BC

First time at Gala for a haircut for my very short hair.  I went based on Yelp reviews.  I was not disappointed.  Galina took the time to explain to me what she thought she should do and then to fix my barber shop haircut to a fabulous shape and style.  I would definitely recommend her!

I had a stylist for about 15 years, but she moved. After a couple of attempts with another stylist, I happened upon Galina. Boy I’m happy! I have short hair and she gave me choppy (not whispy/razored) layers so that the ends are strong and healthy.  The style itself can be blow dried to look sleek and elegant or left natural for a messier fun look. Plus – she’s so lovely!

Katherine H., Vancouver, BC